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Spreading my Wings

Hi Everyone!

Do you like all quilts – art, traditional, reproduction, modern, contemporary? Yea, me too! Sometimes I think it would be easier to like one type! I mean really, how do you to decide what to create next when you want to create them all?!? Sometimes there are so many in my brain that I want to do that I get so overwhelmed! The second part of this is that I have always really liked making large quilts. My thinking was that it would be more ‘usable’. This thinking really held me up because making large bed size (full to king) takes some time. I recently, went to put one of my tops on the frame that I pieced years ago and the quilt top measures 115 x 123. See what I mean. Well, my thinking has definitely changed as I have matured.

I have wanted to try my hand at landscapes and thread painting for some time. My wonderful best friend, Shiloh, passed away in September 2016, but still feels like yesterday. I have wanted to create a portrait of him for some time and now more than ever! So, I have decided it is time to start.

I thought about thread painting his portrait with 100% thread. The skill and time needed to complete the size portrait might be a little too much to start with. Maybe once I have several under my belt. So, I started focusing on landscape quilting methods and thread painting as an embellishment.

Once I started really reading and exploring the different methods, I was like where do I start? I decided to begin with a couple different methods. As for the thread painting, I am going to start by thread painting some fabric prints that lend itself to it. This way I will able to incorporate it into my landscapes. At least this is my theory! I want to learn several different techniques to be able to adapt and find what works for me. It might be that I develop my own technique or incorporate several, we shall see.

The first technique I am trying is Cynthia England paper piecing method. Her book, Picture Piecing, outlines her method and includes a practice pattern. I purchased her pattern, Frosty, for once I have completed a couple practice patterns.

The second technique will be Lenore Crawford’s fusible method. Her technique also incorporates fabric painting to add detail. Her shop on Etsy has some downloadable patterns that outline her different techniques. Pretty cool.

The third technique I am trying is Jamie Wallen’s Thread Fusion. I am attending Birds of a Feather this weekend in New Port News, Virginia and will be able to talk with him and also purchase his DVD workshop.

Bye for now….


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