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Pocket Prayer Quilt - No Turn Method

These pocket size prayer quilts are a special gift – that little something that says you matter.

Hi everyone,

What I like about this project, these little quilts, is that not only is it a special gift but also it is another way to use scraps.

I’m using felted wool for this fast and easy no-turn method.

First I need to come up with my pattern. I printed out 2 ½-inch blank 4-patch blocks and started playing with designs and patterns which will finish to 2 inches square. I came up with quite a few options. But, once I decided to use felted wool the pattern came quickly. I am using a Rose of Sharon pattern. My inspiration is this quilt that I made in 2006.

Inspiration Quilt - Made by Julie Brown

To create my pattern, I literally drew my 2 inch square and drew in a flower with leaves. Then I traced it onto a post it note. Patterns do not have to be fancy.

Felted Wool Stash and Rose of Sharon Pattern

Now that I have decided on my pattern, I need to decide about my message – do I print them on paper or fabric? I decided to print my prayer or message on the backing fabric. I did this because I want the prayer accessible and being on the fabric it will be, plus it will fit in your pocket.

Felted Wool Pocket Prayer Quilt

The problem is I do not want to hand write these little guys out. The print would have to be small and neat to be legible. My writing does not fit that bill.

After doing some poking around online, I found this free downloadable template on that are 2½ inches square. That is perfect for a finished pocket prayer quilt of 2 inches square and it will be faster! Woohoo, I was so excited to find this template.

This is the label that I used:

I need to remember when I download the template and begin filling in the messages to leave ¼ inch from the edge of the line because this line is the cutting line not the sewing line.

I decided to remove the outline plus that will give me wiggle room in the seam allowance without having to worry about the line and/or it showing. Even though that line is the cutting line, I just don’t want to take a chance of that line possibly showing because I’m running out of fabric sheets and if I go down to 1/8 inch seam allowance it will be close….so I thought I better be safe.

I did not find a way to format just guide marks at the top, bottom and sides. So, I printed out 1 copy of the template with lines to use as my guide. Then I reformatted the template without the outline.

Next it is time to to print them out, let them dry, peel them off the paper, heat set them, then rinse them in cold water and let them air dry on a flat surface. These directions were for the specific product that I'm using, make sure to follow the directions for the product you use.

I gave them a good pressing so they lay flat as I’m cutting them into 2½ inch squares. Now I am ready to cut them out.

I’m glad that I took off the outlines because the fabric moved or pulled (not sure which one or maybe both) a little bit and it was enough to skew the outline around the words. I am taking my time cutting out these backings to make sure that the wording is straight and my backings are square.

Now I need to turn my backing pieces so that I have a finished edge. I’m turning them roughly 1/8 inch.

Turning 1/8-inch seam under

The backings are now ready to go.

Time to cut out my fabric which is a light-weight cotton fabric that will serve as my batting. I’m cutting them to 2 inches square. I'm using fabric because it is thin. I probably could away with not including it, but I want the added layer because I will be placing the cross charm inside the quilt. I’m not using traditional batting because it is too thick, plus I want to be able to easily feel the cross charm inside. I was not going to use the fabric but I decided to because the backing is fabric and will get extra wear with the cross moving around inside.

Felted Wool Foundation Top Piece

The felted wool base or foundation top piece I cut to 2 1/8 inches. This is because when I ironed the seam allowance under my backing pieces measured 2 1/8 inches square.

The flower and leaves pattern I'm tracing on to Soft Fuse then ironing that onto my felted wool.

Once they cool, I cut out all my pieces.

Now you get to see the quilt start to take shape. It's time to arrange the pieces onto the foundation or base top piece.

Assembling the Felted Wool Pocket Prayer Quilt Top

It is time to peel off the paper backing and begin ironing or fusing the pieces on in layers. This will help ensure that the glue melts and adheres well.

Fusing Pieces on 1 Layer at a Time

Fusing Pieces on 1 Layer at a Time

Once all the pieces are fused, then it's time to stitch an applique stitch around my pieces. I’m color matching my thread to the pieces.

Top Ready for Applique Stitch

Applique Stitch on My Machine
Stitching Applique Stitch Around Pieces

Showing Applique Stitch with Color Matching Thread

Tying off and Burying Threads

I’m taking the time to pull all my threads to the back, tie them off and bury them. I’m doing this to ensure that these little pocket prayer quilts will hold up to the use that they’ll be getting plus I like that clean look.

Tying off and Burying Threads

Now that all the pieces are cut and sewed with my threads all buried, I’m ready to sandwich my little quilts for the final stitching.

Remember to Place the Cross Inside the Quilt Sandwich

To sandwich them, I’m taking a backing piece and layering in my fabric that is serving as my batting, then adding a cross and finally the top piece.

Now that they are all layered, I’m sewing an applique stitch around the edge again color matching my thread to the background felted wool.

Applique Stitch Around the Edge of the Quilt Sandwich
Back of Felted Wool Pocket Prayer Quilt

Please be careful sewing the sandwiches together with the cross inside. Hitting that cross while sewing would not be good.

Color matching my thread is just a personal preference especially for this project. If you like the contrast look, then go for it! Your Quilt Your Way!

In the picture below I made one (1) of the Pocket Prayer Quilts with a felted wool cross. This is an option if you do not have cross charms to put inside. I used felted wool on the back and attached my message which I printed on paper with the angel and safety pin.

Felted Wool Pocket Prayer Quilts - No Turn Method

There are so many options in making Pocket Prayer Quilts.

I sprinkled a little holy water on the charms while saying a prayer, and I prayed while making these quilts. These really are little prayer quilts.

Peace be with you all….



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