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Wedding Quilt

January 29, 2017

Well, been a while since my first blog….I was trying to get things together prior to publishing the website and blogs…but, since it’s taking a while to git ‘er done, I decided to go ahead and start writing.

So, welcome to my second blog!

I pieced a wedding quilt for my nephew and his wife in May 2016, and finally got it worked into the quilting line and recently finished quilting it. So excited to get it to them and with how it turned out.

The quilt is Metro Rings by Sew Kind of Wonderful. The quilt started out with a list of colors that they liked. From there, the background fabric was selected which was in my stash. Go figure. I then moved on to the ‘ring’ fabric. Keeping their favorite colors in mind, I started auditioning fabric. I spent a long time on the ring fabric. I could not find the right fit. Subliminally, I think this is why I delayed piecing it. It finally dawned on me – Batiks! What an awe ha moment. I started auditioning fabric and I was happy. I actually did the auditioning on I used their design wall and got to it….it was actually pretty fun even though I could not touch and feel. Once I had the ring fabric and the setting triangle fabric (at the end of the rings) chosen, I took a picture of the design wall with my camera phone. The fabric was specifically laid out on the wall how I wanted it placed in the rings…I knew I could not commit this to memory or remember which fabric was which. The quickest and easiest way was my phone camera, plus I knew that I could find it again!

The piecing was completed and I was slammed with customer quilts. My thought was I would get these customer quilts done and then move to this wedding quilt. Needless to say time flew by and here we are. It was time to get to it!

Okay, batting – I was go back and forth between Quilters Dream Orient and Wool. In the end, I decided on Quilters Dream Wool batting. I love quilting with them both and their drape but it was the loft that I really wanted. Next the thread – I knew I wanted to use silk thread! This is a special quilt so some really special thread was a must! Oh man look at the sheen of the silk in the picture below! Awh, isn’t it gorgeous! Can you tell which one!?! It is Kimono Silk number 343 (the small cone in the upper right corner of the picture), and in the bobbin I used The Bottom Line number 633 both from Superior Thread.

I am chuckling right now, thinking about thread….I’ve started collecting thread like I used to collect fabric. I think I have more thread variety now than I do fabric!

Now, on to the quilting designs; I auditioned several of my doodles until I narrowed it down. Then the fun begins!

Here are a couple pictures of the finished quilt front and back.

The texture of more pronounced because of the loft of the wool. Love the drape!

Below is a close up of the quilting designs. I got lucky, we had a gorgeous 70 degree day in January!

Oh, look at the texture! Makes me squeal with delight!…. The label collages were sure fun to create! I wanted to capture their memories; wanted them to be able to look at this quilt and remember their love, fun times, family, friends, their beloved cat, and of course their marriage.

I decided to have this quilt appraised. This is a first time experience for me with one of my quilts. The reason that I decided to have a written appraisal done is to give the new owners an idea of the quilts’ value because they are not familiar with the world of handmade quilts. Accompanying this quilt will be paperwork that includes the written appraisal, care instructions, and quilt soap.

Thank you for joining me!


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