Quilting and Quilt related Museums

Hi everyone,

I have an upcoming video that will talk about Downsizing – What to Do with All Your Quilts? In it I talk about museums. The idea was to create a short PDF list of quilt museums as a starting point that I could email you upon request.

That idea evolved into a data base of museums; some are dedicated to quilts others are not. The museums that are not dedicated to quilts were given a cursory once over by reading their mission statement (if available) and/or searching their permanent collection to see if it contained any quilts. If their mission statement potentially allowed for acceptance of quilts, or if they did contain quilts in their permanent collection they were included. If I was not sure, I included them. 😊

This list is definitely not a complete one. The idea was a starting point….However, I am still working the data base as there are states that I have yet to research as of the writing of this blog.

I hope you find it useful.

If you know of a place that isn't listed, please send me an email at julie@quiltingplusmore.com and let me know the details.

Stay tuned for the ‘Downsizing – What to Do with All Your Quilts?’ video that will be posted to YouTube here.



Spreadsheet of Quilt Museums
Download XLSX • 125KB

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