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Quilting and Quilt related Museums

I have an upcoming video (Finding the Best Homes for Mom's Old Quilts) that will talk about downsizing and different options available for rehoming quilts.

Hi everyone,

In this video I talk about museums. The idea was to create a short PDF list of quilt museums as a starting point that I could email you upon request.

That idea evolved into an interactive map of museums; some are dedicated to quilts (which are red dots on the map) others are not. The museums that are not dedicated to quilts were given a cursory once over by reading their mission statement (if available) and/or searching their permanent collection to see if it contained any quilts. If their mission statement potentially allowed for acceptance of quilts, or if they did contain quilts in their permanent collection they were included. If I was not sure, I included them. 😊

The map like I said is interactive. The photo below shows the full screen icon location which you will click on to enlarge the map. The interactive map is located at the end of this blog.

The map overlays the location point dots based on address. So, if there are multiple museums that are located close their location point dots will overlap. This is the case with the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska., There are four (4) museums listed in Lincoln, Nebraska and The Great Plains Art Museum overlays three (3) of them. Download the spreadsheet if you are interested in museums in a certain area. The spreadsheet will list the museum, mailing address and phone, and website.

Once the map is enlarged, hover over the location dots to view details about the museum. You can click on their website address which will open in a separate screen.

This list is definitely not complete. The idea was a starting point….I hope you find it useful.

If you know of a place that isn't listed and you feel should be, please send me an email at and let me know.

The downsizing video has been renamed to 'Finding the Best Homes for Mom's Old Quilts' and can be watched here:



Spreadsheet of Quilt Museums
Download XLSX • 145KB

For interactive dashboard below, hover over taskbar for "full screen" option.


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