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Quilt Stories

It’s past time to Make Progress on the pile of UFO’s in your closet, under your bed or where ever you have them stashed – or if you’re like me pile file.

We pile file our projects for soooo many reasons – perfectionism, time, stuck on making a decision, good ole analysis/paralysis, looking for that perfect piece of fabric or maybe you're just not sure what to do next. Sheeze, the list goes on and on….

Well, the time is now; the time is now to bring out one (1) of those projects, get it finished so its story can be told; so you can enjoy it and it can be enjoyed for generations!

Let’s you and I move past whatever roadblock is between us and the finish line. Make a decision, move on and learn, schedule “you time” in pen on your calendar (call it Dr. Appt. if that helps you stick to it!), get organized so that when you have a little bit of time to escape to your happy place you can be productive.

Remember the key word is progress. Yes, we want to do our best and want our project to look good – absolutely no doubt about it. Sometimes I know for myself that I can get so focused on that, that I lose sight of any sense of progress or time.

So, my mantra right now is my reminder – Progress NOT Perfection!

This is really important because we will never learn anything if we don’t make some progress, right? Give yourself permission to fail, not be perfect, make mistakes, allow yourself to make progress, and succeed because that is how we are going to learn.

I am finding that each step I take in letting go of my perfectionistic side and moving past analysis/paralysis and making a decision and moving on, is quite freeing, and I’m having fun because I’m not so stressed.

Plus making progress is motivating. Remember that “you can’t enjoy something that is not finished right. Not to mention that its story will never be told….an example is my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt top I purchased in 2018 and an appraiser thought it was from the 1930’s. The maker, sadly, is unknown.

UFO’s have been around forever, and just think of all those untold stories….

The incentive to break out and finish an UFO you have tucked away is that I want to see and hear about your quilt and its story. I want to see and hear what your 'Awh-Ha Moment' or 'Wow, I Made That' moment is all about!

Email me at of your interest to participate and I will send you a Guideline/Checklist with the information you need to submit and participate in "Quilt Stories". Your Quilt Story could be published on my YouTube channel.

Speaking of YouTube, here is the video for this subject, enjoy watching!!!

Pick out a project from your pile stashed away for safe keeping, get that quilt finished because I want to hear its story and see it finished! I want to light up YouTube with your Quilt Stories.

I am so excited to see your finished quilts and hear their stories!



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