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Quilt Layouts to Inspire

This one (1) little block offers so much! There are literally thousands of quilt layouts possible using this one (1) block.

String Quilt Block by Quilting Plus More

Hi everyone,

Exploring possible layouts is a perfect example of watching your quilt come alive. I started putting some possible layouts on the design wall; and, I got so excited, motivated, and inspired that I decided to explore the layout possibilities in more depth. This blog and the video below are the result.

Based on the number of blocks in this quilt there are actually many thousands of layout possibilities. That amazed me and got me exploring those layouts even more.

What I love about this block is the sheer number of layout options using this one block. I can sew a gazillion blocks knowing that I am able to create such different quilts with all those blocks.

For me, this a fun, inspiring, exciting, and motivating part of the creative process. I hope this inspires and motivates you.




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