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Edge to Edge Works Great

Today's post is about a small quilt that will be used for a baby and eventually a wall hanging for a Mom. Initially, the customer was going for custom quilting. This cute little bicycle themed quilt would have been easy to design the custom quilting for, but, really, was custom needed? I floated the idea to the customer of a simple bicycle edge to edge pantograph. This would save the customer money and time and me time. Win win! She was interested, so I sent links to a couple of sites with the bicycle themed designs. The choice was made and the quilt was completed. I think her choice was perfect! The pattern is American Flyer by Dave Hudson from Digi-Tech.

There are times when custom quilting really is not necessary.

I was sure glad that I had my cup foot for this quilt because the quilt had a flange. Without this cup foot I would have been a little nervous that the hopping foot could catch on that flange. With the cup foot there are no worries about it catching on anything, Love it - thank you Innova!


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