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Sacred Threads

Wow, if you haven't been to this exhibit you really need to. This exhibit is over. Thankfully I was able to squeeze it in right after I returned from my trip to Washington State. The Scared Threads exhibit runs every two (2) years. I was told that Sacred Threads 2019 will be at the same location: Floris United Methodist Church at 13600 Frying Pan Road, Herndon, VA 20171. Mark your calendars now! 36 of the 300 2017 exhibit pieces will travel the US. Visit their website for a list of locations and dates.

The exhibit was well laid out and the ambiance that was created was really memorable. Each piece had a detailed written description as well as a number which could be inputted into a dial in phone number where the quilt maker had a recorded message regarding their piece. There were some very moving messages on these recordings.

Here are a few quilts that were personal favorites in no specific order. I took pictures of the quilt with their corresponding descriptions so that I would know the makers. Unfortunately, they were not legible. So, I do not have the names of the artists.

Every quilt there has a story to tell; some hopeful, some happy, some grief stricken, some reminiscent, sad, and thought provoking, This exhibit is not about precision or techniques, it is about feelings and stories. This is the type of exhibit that we should all be celebrating and attending. I hope that all who read this blog will pass on the exhibit information in hopes that this will some day be the most anticipated quilt show to see.

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