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Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

I have to confess, that I wrote this blog before Christmas but am just now finalizing it to publish.

So, I hope that you all had a merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I was able to get the quilts that needed to be done before Christmas finished and back to their homes with enough time for binding and wrapping. Then I switched gears to get what needed to be completed at home done in time. Funny how there are deadlines, both at home and work, that manage one's calendar. Those deadlines help keep me on track and sometimes even moving forward. The last week or so have been very productive at home for me. It feels good - like things are coming together. Awh....

I enjoy baking at Christmastime. It is kind of my thing to make truffles and I enjoy baking shortbread. I have been making truffles and shortbread since high school. Earlier in the year, I organized and sorted through my recipes. So before I started baking, I filed a few of my old (some from high school) recipes into my organizer that I had missed. A shout out to my Mom who gave me the organizer idea....Thank you! It was fun to look at them and reminisce.

This year I made some old and new truffle recipes, fudge, and some shortbread cookies. I have not done this in several years.

I am excited for and looking forward to 2018! How about you?

When I started my blog, it was with the thought that it would help keep me moving forward. Thread painting and art quilts are a big interest of mine. I am really excited to begin exploring these areas more. With this interest in mind, I felt that I needed to explore composition and photography. January starts my photography class with Ricky Tims. He gave us a pre-class Winter Solstice challenge. This challenge was so much fun. I am even more excited now. There are several of my photographs from this challenge that I like so much that I am thinking about doing a series of art quilts from these photos. A working title might be "Sunset Over The Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park". This is the photograph I took that was submitted for this challenge.

So stay tuned.....

I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday filled with all things that you love and enjoy. Happy New Year. May the New Year be filled with adventure, peace, and happiness.


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