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Springing Forward in a New Direction

Happy Spring! I know spring does not start until March 20th, but I am ready for it to start today. Spring represents renewal, new beginnings, birth of the new (living and non-living), growth, and, of course, cleaning along with so many others things. What does spring represent to you? During times of change, one needs to have faith, and, at times take a leap holding on to that faith, hope, and belief that things will work out. With spring comes growth and change…. This is such a time for me.

I have decided to take a hiatus from quilting-for-hire effective immediately. For how long? I do not have an answer to that right now.

First order of business, is to do some spring cleaning at home inside and out. Spring cleaning does not just mean cleaning, but also refinishing and rearranging. I have an entryway table and mirror I want to refinish. Flower beds that need some attention, and then, well, we’ll see. My husband suggested for my first post business project to do something from start to finish. This warmed my heart and made me smile. Definitely! I cannot thank him enough for his continuing support, guidance, suggestions, opinions, and, the most important, love. He is my best friend and support system.

It has been a while since I worked on a project from start to finish in one fell swoop. Start with an art quilt, I am thinking, then complete several wedding quilts for my nephews and my niece. I have talked about my interest in landscape and art quilts and thread painting in past blogs. Needless to say, I will be busy. Boredom is not in my vocabulary.

My husband and I purchased a second house in Washington State so that we can spend longer periods of time with my sisters and their families and, especially, my parents. It is such a beautiful State!

Above picture is John and Joyce Hergert, my parents, and I. Cute picture of Dad and Mom!

We are all getting older and time is ticking quickly. Work needs to be done on the house which is was why I was in Washington State in February for a longer than usual time. The water issues needed to be addressed and resolved sooner rather than later before additional problems were caused. With the help of Full Throttle Landscape and Brauer’s Tree Service, water problems were resolved, and livability and aesthetics were improved. There is still more work to do, in time. We are looking forward to creating memories at home in Washington State. If you are in need of landscape and tree service, I would recommend these two (2) companies without hesitation. I am not getting paid for this…. I know it can be difficult to find a company that truly listens to your needs, concerns, wants, etc., and that can be trusted.

These three (3) scenic pictures were taken in the morning on my drive from Silverdale, Washington to Seabeck, Washington where we recently bought a house. Isn't it so beautiful and peaceful.

This picture is from my parents house in Silverdale, Washington taken February 11, 2019. Oh man, we had so much snow on multiple occasions. while I was there.

These two (2) pictures were taken in the woods at our recently purchased house in Seabeck, Washington. It is gorgeous, isn't it!?!

I have also decided to take my business in a new direction. More on that later. Creatively, I have felt stagnant and stuck. It is time for change; to spread my wings, explore new ideas and techniques, meet new people and see where things go. It will be exciting to see where I end up. Surprisingly, I am not nervous or apprehensive about this decision. I have the support of my family, and that is what matters to me. Everything else will sort itself out.

Thank you SO much to all my customers over these past years! It has truly been a pleasure. And, to those that have contacted me and I have referred to area quilters; thank you for your interest in Quilting Plus More (QPM).

Stay tuned….I will be sharing quilts that I have quilted for customers this past year, share current projects, and future plans of QPM.

Happy Spring!


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