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Chalice Creation Part 1 of 3

Hi everyone,

I am sooo excited to be making the actual pieces for this block. Woohoo, progress!

I am using the Apliquick method of applique this go-around. I feel like I get better precision when I use this method, especially when my seam allowances get pretty small. Some patterns the way they are drawn get tight in spots leaving very little extra to turn. I would love to hear your preferred method!?!

I placed and taped my pattern on my light box surface with the right side of the pattern facing down. Then, I placed the fusible web shiny side down, rough side up onto the pattern. Then, I literally traced the chalice onto the rough surface of the fusible web with a pencil.

After you get it traced onto the fusible web, cut the pattern out right on the tracing line.

Then the fun part, playing with your fabric. If your fabric has a pattern or shading, then play around with the placement of your piece, and decide how best the pattern will look on your piece. When you decide, iron the fusible web onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Then cut out your piece, making sure to leave a seam allowance. I usually leave about a 1/4" seam allowance when using this method. That seam allowance will be what you turn.

Make sure to check out the Chalice Creation Part 1 video that is located on YouTube. Subscribe and click the bell so you will not miss a video.

Stay tuned for Chalice Creation Part 2 of a 3-video series. Part 2 will detail how I turn the seam allowance.

The patterns for the center medallion block of the Baltimore Album Quilt that I am making can be found in the books referenced below:

“Bread and Wine” Pattern #2 Page 205

The Best of Baltimore Beauties

By Elly Sienkiewicz

“Grape Vine Border” Page 121

The Best of Baltimore Beauties Part II

By Elly Sienkiewicz

Thank you for joining me. Make your day a wonderful one.

Bye for now....



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