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Fresh Start!

Hi Everyone and Welcome Back!

My hiatus has been eventful and very much needed on many fronts. I am excited to be back.

Time to change things up a bit. The business has had a YouTube channel and other social media sites since inception. The channel and other sites have not been very active while I focused on my quilting-for-hire business and blog. That is changing - Woohoo! The website and YouTube channel have been given a fresh new look. The website blog, YouTube channel and other social media sites will be active and complement one another. New videos will be uploaded to the YouTube channel on Mondays and Thursdays to start.

I am excited to start sharing more of the happenings in the Quilting Plus More (QPM) studio and in our gardens. The focus will be on quilting; from me on my longarm, to piecing to applique, and anything else that I might be working on at the time. It will also include Plus More Monday where we will share what we are up to in the garden.

Please feel free to participate through comments. Comments that support, provide suggestions, ideas, and encouragement, so that we can help and support one another while we learn and have some fun in the process.

I hope that you will join me on this new adventure. This new journey to create, share, and, hopefully, inspire in some small way.

We hope that you enjoy the content of the blog, YouTube channel and other social media sites. Life can be so busy, and it seems like there is always so much going on. Sometimes a pause is needed. I hope that our sites can be that positive inspirational pause in your life.

Don’t forget to head over to the Quilting Plus More YouTube channel and check out the latest video. Remember to hit that subscribe button and click the bell so that you are notified of new content. Thank you for checking in. Have a great day!

Bye for now….



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