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Making Design Walls

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Quilting Plus More (QPM). Guess what I made? A design wall, not 1 but 2 (actually 3 if you include the small design board) - Woohoo - I am so excited. The first one (1) is a large two (2) foam core insulation board design wall that went in the main sewing room.

The second one is a one foam core insulation board design wall that went in the longarm room.

The three (3) foam core insultation boards used have a depth of 1 inch. I used a sticky back Velcro type hook and loop tape to mount them on the wall, a double-sided tape to ensure the fabric laid flat on the back of the boards, T-pins to secure the fabric on the edges of the boards, and fray check for any cuts as added protection.

The fabric I used on the large design wall in the main sewing room is a 100% cotton drapery flannel, and felt was used for the other.

These were pretty simple and straightforward to make. Simply wrap the foam core boards with the fabric of your choice and secure with T-pins on the sides. I placed double sided tape on the fabric on the back so the fabric lays flat and stays in place. Then, I stuck the adhesive Velcro hook and loop tape to the back, and adhered it to the wall. I was happy with the finished result. With the exception of the first board that we did backwards and so the printing on the foam core board shows. Urgh, but that is okay. I did not want to waste the materials so we forged ahead. To reduce any show through, layer batting between the fabric and the foam core board. Unfortunately, I did not have enough on-hand to do that.

The adhesive Velcro that I used to hang these design walls onto the wall, will probably take off some of the drywall if and when I take them down. I was aware of that going into the use of this specific product. I would definitely recommend reading your products specifications thoroughly prior to use so you do not have any surprises.

I used the cutout from the cold air return for a small portable design board. Woohoo, love it too!

If I did this again, I would definitely use felt, if available. The felt was wonderfully soft and thick. There was absolutely zero show through.

Be sure to check out the video that shows us making these at the QPM YouTube channel. Your subscription to the channel would be appreciated!

Thank you for joining me. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Bye for now….



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