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Medallion Block Fabric for the Baltimore Album Quilt

Hi everyone,

I am so so happy to be at this point – playing with fabric. It is time to audition fabric for the center medallion block of the Baltimore Album quilt. If you are new to the website, blog, and my YouTube channel – welcome, welcome, welcome.

The green assortment of fabrics for the grape leaves and the vine are going to be the series of greens that I have been using throughout this quilt. I feel that it is important to continue their use to the center as well. This will provide continuity in the quilt.

The grapes are going to be purple with some red accents in a fabric called Suede by P&B Textiles. Oh man, I was so excited when I saw this fabric especially the red purple and knew this was the one. Woohoo! What I like about this purple is that it is a red purple not a blue purple which I have. A blue purple, in my mind, would not have worked for that many grapes and look visually pleasing. This red purple will coordinate well with the quilt without being matchy-matchy or overwhelming. I hope anyway – that is what I am hoping for. Fingers crossed.

The wheat is going to be a series of golds with a lighter brown thrown in for accent. These fabrics are also Suede by P&B Textiles. I am also possibly going to use a piece of scrap fabric that I have with all those colors in it. I think that it would provide some much-needed texture. I am not 100% sure that I will use it but have it handy in case. I will audition it then make my decision.

The chalice is going to be a Fairy Frost fabric by Michael Miller called Coin.

I love this fabric, and think it is perfect for my quilt. This fabric has shading, shimmer, texture and color going for it. What else is there? I auditioned several fabrics for the chalice. I explained my elimination process in a video on the Quilting Plus More YouTube channel. Sometimes it helps to talk though different options – literally. I am glad that no one was a fly on my wall while I was talking myself through the different options. 😊 I thought that videoing my thoughts on the process might help one of you out there through a similar process.

The one thing that I have a tendency to struggle with is over analyzing things. My husband will be nodding his head for sure when he reads this post. In all seriousness, this has held me back and slowed processes and progress over the years. I have been working on making a change. By talking myself through a decision that I need to make, I can make the decision and move on. Progress! That is my motto right now.

My fabric choices are made and I am moving forward. Woohoo! Progress.

The next step is the making of the chalice. I decided to make the chalice creation a 3-blog and video series. Stay tuned for the next blog post. Make sure to click the subscribe button and alarm bell on the YouTube channel so you will not miss a video.

Thank you for joining me.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Bye for now….


Pattern Information:

“Bread and Wine” Pattern #2 Page 205

The Best of Baltimore Beauties

By Elly Sienkiewicz

“Grape Vine Border” Page 121

The Best of Baltimore Beauties Part II

By Elly Sienkiewicz


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