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Training Climbing Roses

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Plus More Monday!

We added 3 new climbing roses to our gardens this spring – 2 Strawberry Hill’s and The Pilgrim, all David Austin climbing roses. They are not disappointing either. What I thought I would share is how I am training them on their trellises.

The Pilgrim is on a cedar lattice. Training this way was more straightforward. I started placing the stalks so that they were spread evenly over the trellis. I was so excited when I went out to take pictures for this blog to find that there are new stalks shooting up. Woohoo! Those new stalks I will use to fill in between the existing ones. I will keep doing this so that the trellis will have even and uniform coverage. To secure the shoots, I use a soft plant wire. It is wire that is covered with a soft plastic coating. I love this stuff and use it all the time.

One thing I have discovered with experience is that is so much easier to train new soft shoots versus older stalks that have hardened with age.

The other 2 roses, the Strawberry Hill roses, are in pots flanking our driveway and are on a round trellis. With these, I am working the shoots inside and outside the trellis so that there is even and uniform coverage over the entire trellis. This should make for a gorgeous display when it grows up with the even coverage. Woohoo, I can’t wait.

I am also training a stalk or 2 up the center of the trellis. I am using the wire to center them and hold them in place.

Isn't that blossom beautiful!?! It smells wonderful too.

I have an accompanying video that you can view at the Quilting Plus More YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and click on the bell so you won't miss a video.

I hope that you enjoy the blog and video. Thank you for joining me!

Have a fantastic day everyone.

Bye for now…



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