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Embroidery Quilt

This quilt was fun to plan and quilt, and the design actually came together rather quickly. Some quilts I really need to think about and 'process'. Sounds weird, I know, but I would rather not take out stitches! And, yes, I have.

This is the you can see....

I made a to scale plan so that I could visualize exactly how the designs would look and fit in the spaces. The last couple quilts I have drawn out the designs. This design was definitely the most detailed. I knew two (2) things going into designing the quilting - 1) frame the center embroidery work, and, 2) treat the outer two (2) borders as one (1). Below you can see the final design.

I used one (1) layer of Quilters Dream cotton and one (1) layer of Quilters Dream wool batting. The top thread is Kimono Silk and bobbin thread is Bottom Line which are both from Superior Threads.

I relied heavily on the Quilted Pineapple's Quick Curve Rulers and also her straight edge rulers as well.

In the end, you might notice that not all the designs from the paper draft were included in the quilting. This is because I thought it would get too busy and take away from the focal point - the customer's embroidery work. I really wanted the quilting to act as a frame for her gorgeous creation. In the end, I think this goal was accomplished.

Thank you for visiting my site and reading my blog.


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