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Been A Buzzing in the Studio

Hi Everyone!

Things have been buzzing in the studio lately....I love it! First, I have to say we have had thunderstorms rolling through today. I love watching them roll through. One (1) that came through today was a serious one that we've heard produced at least one (1) tornado (not confirmed). We just happened to be coming out of Costco when it buzzed through. We forged ahead to our car through the sideways rain and strong wind, then halfway to the truck it started hailing. I must admit, it was so much fun running through the rain and standing water....I love stomping in puddles!

Okay, I digress, back on topic....The next finished project is a Hexie Bed Runner which was hand pieced with the borders attached by machine.

The only request from the owner was something simple in the blocks. Music to my ears! I love it when I get free reign don't you!?! As you know, I love before and after pictures.

I knew going into this project that it was special and that the inside area would not get any SID. So, with that in mind, the planning began....

I used Kimono Silk on the top from Superior Threads, Magna-Glide Classic pre-wound bobbins from Fil-Tec and Quilters Dream Wool batting.

And, the finished quilt....

I wanted to keep this one....

The backing is flannel. Oh man, how dreamy is that!

A quick video of the top is here:

I also completed this Hexie mini quilt for the same customer. This one she wanted loops in the in keeping with her request, there are loops in the middle. I did lightly outline in calk a circle for my travel guide line. There was so much fabric build up in the center that I had to go around. No SID, instead did a 1/4 inch outline of the plain hexies and outlined the roses. That was it. I opted to tie off around each 1/4 inch outline that was inside the quilt rather than have travel stitches. Around the roses there are travel stitches which I don't think are too noticeable. What do you think? I used Kimono Silk and around the roses Bottom Line only because I thought the white would be too stark around the roses, and, I had a matching color in Bottom Line. I used the Magna-Glide Classic pre-wound bobbin.

Thank you for stopping by the website; I hope you enjoyed this post. The next quilt will be fun, so stay tuned....

Bye for now....


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