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Applique Quilts

Hi Everyone,

Two (2) quilts in this blog today.

The first is a spring shower.... Definitely, partly cloudy with a spring rain in the studio with this fun quilt. Water was the theme of the 2015 Row by Row (it seems like last year - yikes). It's Raining Cats and Dogs was the row for a local quilt shop. This quilt came about through that row. I love what my client did with this quilt. It was fun to quilt....sun, clouds, a rainbow and rain, of course, completed the quilting.

Here is the before....

..., and, the after...

A rain shower needs a sun peaking through the clouds, right!?!

and, a rainbow is a must....

I decided to quilt seagulls in the clouds. This will provide more interest but also keep the clouds from sagging. I did not get an up close of the birds but you might see them in the above photos.

The second quilt quilt is was a ton of fun also, just in a little different way. This customers' applique amazes me! I really wanted her beautiful work to jump out at you. So, batting and quilting was the key combination. I used a layer of Quilters Dream Cotton as the base with a layer of Hobbs 80/20 over it. In order for the batting to do it's lofty job, dense quilting was a must.

This is the before....

and, after quilted....

Details, love the details....

The back....

I kept the quilting in the applique minimal to maximize the trapunto affect.

Thank you for visiting, and, a big thank you to all my customers!


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