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Simple Whole Cloth Quilt for Everyday

Hi Everyone,

Short on time or maybe you just want an everyday quilt/spread that is customized to specific colors without having to piece a top? This quilt does just that. Two (2) pieces of extra wide fabric layered over batting and quilted together with an edge to edge pantograph. Simple. I love this!

Maybe choose a neutral color palette to showcase different quilts on the end of your bed through the changing seasons. Or, maybe, you just need a quick quilt for picnics or the beach this summer. Here you go....

This quilt uses Quilters Dream Wool batting and is quilted with So Fine! #50 Superior Thread on the top and Fil-Tec MagnaGlide Classic bobbins. The pantograph pattern is 'bd 2010 pano 001' from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.

Wishing you all a fun, happy, and safe summer!


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