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I received an email from Betty J. asking if I could imagine a quilt design that would work on this quilt? Oh yeah, way too much fun....I printed out the picture of the quilt and sent back 3 different designs. She chose a design and away we go.....

Before I get carried away talking about this quilt, I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. This quilt was pieced by Betty J. of Woodbridge, Virginia. The pattern is by Fabric Therapy and can be found at The Quilter's Clinic.

So with the design taken care, I get down to thread. I used Kimono Silk from Superior Threads on the top. The bobbin thread is Fil-Tec Magna-Glide Classic, Light Grey, pre-wound bobbins.

How did I chose the top thread? I literally laid out the threads and picked the ones that I thought blended the best. The colored areas were pretty easy but the background took some consideration.

The final thread choices....

I ended up tweaking the design a little bit once I actually started laying the design out on the quilt. I usually do not mark quilts too much if at all. This one I did because the design continued through my immediate quilting area. I wanted to make absolutely sure that the designs met where they were supposed to meet and did not want to pick stitches. So, the main lines were marked. Always always always test your marking tool(s) of choice on the back of the quilt top in an inconspicuous spot. My location of choice is a seam on the quilt top back. I also test on the right side of the seam fabric and on the specific fabric that I will be marking. Because of the layers (most seams are pressed to one side) the chance is minimal that it will show through to the top should the marking not come out. I have never had a marking not come out. Thank you Lord! I think this is my worst nightmare.

This is how much bobbin was left when I stitched my last stitch....the Big Guy was watching out for me! Excuse my need for a manicure. Ha ha ha....

I almost forgot the batting....Betty really wanted the quilting to be visible. My concern with the request was that I did not want the quilting to over power and take away from the quilt top design. The answer was in the batting. Quilters Dream Cotton was the base layer over which Quilters Dream Wool was placed. This combination is a favorite of mine because the quilting is visible in texture especially when a fine thread is used. A heavier thread might have given the quilt a thready and heavier look. The thread itself is gorgeous up close but from a distance you see texture! Oh Yeah, my favorite.

....and, the reveal.

This is a short video.

Thank you for joining me here at my website.

More soon....


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