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Mariner Compass and Pineapple Twist Quilt

Hi Everyone,

I have missed writing....and, have found that I enjoy it more then I thought, and, have actually missed posting in my blog. Spring is March 20th - right around the corner. Yippee, boy, am I ready! I spent almost the entire month of February in Washington State and it felt like we had snow everyday. Then, when I returned home, we had more snow here in Virginia....I love snow but man am I definitely ready for spring! Are you?

The quilt I am sharing today is a Mariner Compass and Pineapple Twist quilt. This quilt measures 92 1/2 inches by 92 1/2 inches. I really wanted the quilting to be different with this quilt, especially in the Pineapple Twist block without having to SID around all the many pieces which is extremely time consuming. The Mariner Compass blocks pretty much quilted themselves. The one thing I wanted to create through quilting was movement. Movement was accomplished in the Mariner Compass blocks by using curved lines. Curved lines in the Mariner Compass itself and the swirl background fill. In the Pineapple Twist blocks, movement was created through continuous lines. The secondary pattern this created is lovely. Not only does it move your eye around the quilt, it creates a frame around the Mariner Compass blocks. Love, love, love how this worked out. This will definitely be a go to design of mine in blocks that have a million pieces that you do not want to commit a ton of time to SID.

I really wanted something different and continuous, with movement for the Pineapple Twist block. Something more contemporary that tied into the block and quilt. Triangles! Perfect! Woohoo, I will definitely be using this for future Pineapple Twist blocks and others.

Does your eye move? Definitely. Mission accomplished.

I decided to treat each border individually rather then combine them into one. This creates a beautiful frame.

I really wanted the borders to frame the quilt through their textures. So, each was treated individually. Alternating the design kept things from getting too busy.

A whole cloth quilt on the back. Awh......

This is my husband, Kevin Brown. He supports and helps me tremendously, and in every way imaginable; from looking over my quilts, standing there holding up quilts until his arms are burning, to delinting, to listening to my dilemmas, the list goes on and on. He is the man behind the website and all things technical. Thank you SO much for all you do for me! I love you bunches!

I really like the textures and secondary patterns that quilting created.

I hope you enjoyed this quilt and maybe took away something useful for your next quilt.


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